Lighting Control Should Just Work

Long gone are the days where there was a single light switch for each room. Now we find ourselves with upwards of five light switches all next to each other, creating wall clutter! Without proper lighting control, all these unlabeled switches are unintuitive and beg you to turn on the wrong light. There must be a better way. 

Here at SoundVision we believe lighting control should be intuitive and make lighting look the way you intended it every time, right down to the dimming and light temperature. 

Global Control: Never Walk in Darkness

A light switch’s control now extends beyond a single room. With global lighting control, a single press can adjust the temperature of all the lights in your home. Turn on multiple lighting zones or even multiple rooms from a single keypad. The possibilities are endless! Press “home off” and have all the lights in your home turn off. Press “entertain” and your kitchen living and dining room lights will all turn on.

The lighting control system is fully customizable, so you customize the button layout to your lifestyle. You can also control your motorized window treatments on the same keypad.

Welcome Home
Dinner Time
Midnight Snack

Get Rid of Wall Clutter

As home lighting has evolved, the light switch is no longer the solution to control multiple rooms and layered lighting. This leads to a row of three to seven unlabeled light switches or dimmers all in a row. It doesn’t look great and is really unintuitive. Additionally, if you like all your lights at different brightness’s, then it takes forever to get all your dimmers set up correctly. With lighting control keypads, you can replace all of your light switches with a single keypad. Even better, you can program buttons to adjust all the dimmers simultaneously so your lights always look perfect.

Complement Your Décor

Lighting control is a necessary evil in home décor. Normally color options are incredibly limited, but not anymore. Get your light keypads in a wide variety of colors and styles. Label each button with words or symbols. Pick from a variety of finishes such as glass, matte and metals including brass, graphite and more. Come by our Showroom and see the wide selection of styles. Now lighting control can complement your space instead of clash in it.

Ketra: Elevate Your Space

Ketra lights have white, red, green, and blue lights in a single housing. These lights work in harmony to change the color temperature at your will or depending on the time of day. Create a cool light during the day to help keep you focused and warm the lights at night to help you get ready for bed. The lights can be used to enhance the vibrancy of art over traditional light fixtures, or you can set them to completely transform your space for entertaining with any color.

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